Summer opening hours

Dear Guests, during summer we will keep our doors open for you from 12:00 pm until 22:00 pm.

Come over for a light meal or some refreshing lemonade!

Surprise! Surprise!

As much as we love new people coming to join our little restaurant, as much we love the people coming almost every day for lunch. These regulars learned to trust our chef “Mama Chang” and just order the surprise menu. Mentioning this code and some spices you love, Mama Chang will cook something especially for you: Let us entertain you with your favorite flavors!


Mama Chang & Team Ga Ya Ya

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Vegetarian & Vegan à la carte

Promised: Everything fresh, Everything yummy!

Everything we serve is vegetarian and most of it even vegan. We love to cook with fresh and seasonal veggies and herbs, spiced up with Panasian spices and prepared along old Asian cooking traditions. If you come with the need or wish to eat either vegan, glutenfree, nutfree, soyfree or whatsovever, please do tell us when placing your order. We will make sure to serve you something delicious you can indulge into with all your senses.

Love is what we cook with!

Our meals are not only prepared to stuff your belly although we try to make sure, that nobody is leaving our Gayaya hungry. If you come for the first time and are facing a hard time making your choice, please relax! Our chef “Mama Chang” loves to surprise her guests with a dish intuitively cooked to make your tastebuds dance!
Mama Chang is an institution in Berlin, her fans love her for her never tiring creative mind, her cooking skillset and her heart full of love.
When asked what she likes most she told us: “Intuitively creating new yummy dishes, that make you happy, fill your soul and belly, look good and taste even better! Happy customers are what I cook for!”

Looking for an Asian Catering Service in Berlin?

Pan Asian Catering for Business, private and special events!
Looking for an Asian Catering Service in Berlin? Look no further here we are. Ready to spoil your guests with vegan Sushi, a fingerfood buffet or colourful currys. We love to cook and we love to get creative in the kitchen!

Per default our dishes are vegetarian. And whatever special needs like vegan or glutenfree, nutfree, soy free are on your list to deal with at your event – do not worry but tell us, we are used to work something out, that makes you shine and your guests happy. Our Mama Chang brings more than 20 years of experience in Ayurvedic and other Asian traditions of cooking on the table: not only yummy but easy to digest, serving both your body and soul!

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please do send an email and we will be back at you asap:


Panasian Cuisine: Veggie & Delicious

At Gayaya all dishes will be prepared from scratch in our tiny little kitchen. The tastes you will discover will take you on a trip through Asia and may vary day by day.  Our chefs are not limited to one country so you might find some vegetarian sushi next to your curry and some fresh herbs on top. We believe in the concept of joining all 5 elements within one meal. Take the chance to indulge into the 5 tastes, enjoy the colorful presentation and make sure you don’t limit yourself within the dishes you know from other Asian restaurants.

Tip: If you like it hot, please do tell us, and we will happily serve you accordingly

Vegan, nutfree, soyfree, glutenfree

We know what it means to suffer from food intolerances. As we prefer fresh produce most of our dishes are free from conservatives, glutenfree and soyfree. Nevertheless, please do let us know what you cannot or do not want to eat and we make sure to serve you something you can enjoy free from guilt or tension! Relax & Enjoy and let us take care of the rest!



Homemade Ice Teas & Lemonades

Although we do serve a broad range of soft drinks, we think that our food is best accompanied by our homemade ice teas & lemonades. That’s why we always have some on the menu featuring seasonal herbs and fruits and less sugar, such as Mango Lassi, Ginger Lemonade or fresh mint tea. Please don’t hesitate to ask for a matching one to come with your choice of dish!



Free Wifi

We know how important free Wifi might be for you even if we would love you to relax and just enjoy the food. In case you need to be available or want to share your experience at Gayaya with your friends right away, there is free Wifi for all our guests.

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Berlin is also amazing for vegan and vegetarian food. Actually, one of the best places in the world for vegans and vegetarians!
And Ga Ya Ya is absolutely a must!

The food was exceptionally good. Even though I don't particularly enjoy guacamole and spicy food, the degustation menu made me feel alive.

Cesare D. on YELP

Still best vegan sushi in town.
And this time there was also delicious flesh of coconuts in the 2nd dish, very good, very recommended :)

UrsulaPl on Tripadvisor

It's as excellent as they say it is.
I am a vegetarian turning vegan and this place gets me so excited.

Christy O. on Tripadvisor